Jan 16

Nolan North & Troy Baker interview for Uncharted 4

As part of their January coverage of Uncharted 4, Game Informer has posted a wonderfully lengthy interview with Nolan North and Troy Baker! You can find the interview here. Without spoiling any goodies for you, I highly recommend you give it a watch.

Game Informer says they’re posting another update on Uncharted 4 today, so stay tuned!

Jan 14

Uncharted 4 Headlining Gameinformer – New info, art, and brief video

Sorry for the lack of updates! We were having a bit of server trouble. But there are always excuses.

Anyway, GameInformer has lots of juicy info on Uncharted 4, including a very nice cover for the magazine. You can find the Game Informer article about Uncharted 4 here. They’ve been posting info throughout the month (and they are continuously updating), so be sure to check it all out.

Thankfully, NeoGAF users have already summarized the article. So, thanks, guys! Here’s some of the highlights:

– Porting TLOU to PS4 helped Uncharted 4 development
– Small team working on it since U3 development ended, half the team moved to U4 after TLOU and the rest after Left Behind
– Takes places 3 years after U3
– At the start of U4 Drake is living an happy life with Elena, then Sam appears
– Drake thought Sam was dead
– Sam life depends on him finding an artifact from Henry Avery
– Drake feels indebted of his brother and he can’t resist getting back on treasure hunting
– Story takes Drake and Sam to Libertalia “a mythic Madagascar colony purportedly founded by pirates”
– Says you’re not going to spend the whole game on the island, teases snowy and urban enviroments
– Two rival hunters, Rafe and Nadine
– Rafe is a very different treasure hunter than Drake, with different morale and approach
– Nadine owns a private military company in South Africa
– Villains will play a bigger role this time
– “The lack of Sam being in Nathan life for so long is what’s driven him in the last games”
– Sam is five years older than Drake
– Teases Elena and Sully
– Sam is even more reckless than Drake
– Sam is jealous of Drake, sees him as the ‘better at everything little brother’
– Lots of rivalry between them
– ND didn’t want to talk about Drake and Sam past
– Artifacts (collectibles) may contain notes poiting to more treasures/artifacts
– Enemies can grab your leg if you try to push them over ledges
– More tools besides Rope and Piton (metal spike)
– They’re not ready to talk about them yet
– Wants to incorporate the tools into puzzles
– GI saw an extended demo with a new scene. Drake is beaten down while Sam is rested, they start arguing the existance of Avery secret, then something catches Drake’s eye, he moves forward, pull some foliage, revealing a gray monument with a carving.
– Focusing on navigational freedom for this entry
– Showed multiple paths, one finding an extra cave, other bypassing a group of enemies
– Plenty of side stories if you’re looking for them
– In the demo they showed Drake taking a more riskier climbing route, that almost makes him fall in the sea
– All paths have consequences, there’s no “Golden path”
– Rehauled A.I system
– Compared Sam A.I to Ellie, but says Sam is a grown up treasure hunter, so he’s much stronger than Ellie
– Trying to “explore what it’s like to be with somebody as capable of Nathan Drake”
– Not giving a straight answer if this is Drake last adventure
– Still plenty of humour in the game
– Concept of set piece is “What’s something impactful that we can do to switch expectations and how can we have it emotionally charged?”

Dec 07

15 minutes of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gameplay in full HD

You can read Naughty Dog’s post about the PlayStation Experience event here.

This looks amazing. I knew it would. However, the “little brother” thing at the end disturbs me somewhat. I am so very, extremely glad that Nate has at least a few in-game combat quips again. I missed those so much in Uncharted 3… though I wish he would go back to his old Drake’s Fortune and Among Thieves quipping.

Either way, my only complaint with this entire video is that Nate still doesn’t look quite right to me. He looks slightly better than he did before, at least, but he still doesn’t really look like Nate… and his build is just wrong. I hate the way Naughty Dog has it in their head that video game characters have to age. Video game characters are timeless – that’s one of their biggest perks.

Anyway, as I mentioned, the “little brother” comment actually bothers me some, if he really means “brother.” I hope this story isn’t too much about Nate’s family – or lack thereof – as I like him being the orphan hero related to Sir Francis Drake. I guess we’ll all just have to hold out until Naughty Dog sees fit to release more story information for any of that.

Dec 07

PlayStation Experience 2014 – Livestream

Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2014 in Las Vegas starts in a little over an hour, everyone! Get ready for some big Uncharted 4 announcements and videos!

Firstly, have some links to the livestream and the event schedule (be sure to check the latter; the times listed are in PDT).

The keynote starts at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EST. Wish I could be more help with the timezones otherwise, but at least this gives you a starting point.

Uncharted 4 will be opening the show, so everyone be sure to tune in on time!

Make or break my dreams for the future of Uncharted, Naughty Dog. This is your chance to prove yourself.

Dec 04

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Free this month for PS Plus subscribers

The Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is free this month for PS Plus subscribers! Nolan North voices General Zod in this DC Comics fighting game. I’m more of a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 person, myself, but I’m downloading this one as we speak. If you’re subscribed to PS Plus, be sure to pick it up!

As a side note: the game will remain playable on your account for as long as you’re subscribed to the PlayStation Plus service. Once you’re no longer subscribed, you won’t be able to play it.

Dec 02

Catching up: Gordon Hunt Documentary, Uncharted 4, Shadow of Mordor, LittleBigPlanet 3, and more

Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone! I could list some excuses, but I have a lot of catching up to do, so let’s get started.

First up:

The Gordon Hunt Documentary Project, or Walking in the Footsteps of Giants, is a documentary film about director Gordon Hunt, whom fellow Nolan North fans may know best as the motion capture director for the Uncharted series. The full film features an exclusive sit-down interview with Nolan North about his career and how Gordon Hunt has impacted it. For more information, be sure to visit the official site, and also check out the IndieGoGo campaign – they need some help funding the film!

This sounds like an awesome project, and I can’t wait to see the finished product! Gordon Hunt has worked on a lot of awesome things, and I very much admire his skill, dedication, and style. I’m going to see if I can scrounge together at least a bit of my personal cash to help fund the project, and I encourage you to do the same, if you have some to spare.

Next up is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End news, or at least the promise thereof. As much as I try not to make disparaging comments here or reveal my true feelings for The Last of Us, I can’t help but say that Uncharted 4’s promotional campaign so far has been pretty sad. Naughty Dog apparently sees fit to put The Last of Us all over their sites and flaunt the Last of Us HD Remaster everywhere instead of so much as trying to promote Uncharted 4, or even giving us any word about whether or not we’ll ever see an Uncharted HD Remaster Collection for the PS4. How on earth does that make sense, anyway? We get TLOU HD Remaster one year after the release of the original game, but in spite of being a PS3 classic – and now “old” (though I don’t think of them as such) enough that certainly a lot of people haven’t played them, or they at least haven’t played Drake’s Fortune – the Uncharted series doesn’t even get a mention when it comes to HD Remasters. Get your act together, Sony. There are hundreds of thousands of people who own a PS4 but don’t own a PS3, and they haven’t experienced the original Uncharted games. We should give them that chance before the fourth one releases!

Anyway, here we have a very detailed render of Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4. Personally, I don’t find it encouraging at all. I don’t think it even really looks like Nate, and I don’t like that, because I adore Nate’s look – and I also don’t think video game characters should age, it’s a silly concept. Regardless of that, why have his physical features changed so much?

Honestly, I’m feeling very disgruntled about everything I’ve heard about UC4 so far. I’m trying to remain cautiously optimistic, since ND has told us little other than “Drake is older and not as muscular now and doesn’t really look like himself, and the game looks gritty and the teaser makes it look like we’re pushing Uncharted to be more like The Last of Us, which is something we should never do, and almost all the people who worked on the original Uncharted games – including Amy Hennig, the creator – are gone now for reasons unknown, but hey! You guys should be excited anyway! It’s gonna be great, we promise, even though we haven’t showed you anything and it all looks/sounds nothing like the spirit of Uncharted or the characters we know and love!”

Putting my fangirl soapbox aside, we’re supposedly getting a lot more news and possibly even a release date on December 7, so mark your calendars. I’ll be posting updates as they come in and probably talking about them way too much. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, you guys, but I’m just not feeling it with Uncharted 4. I really, really want to. I can’t even say what Uncharted means to me as a series. But this… this just doesn’t feel right (or look right). I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Moving on, now we get to Shadow of Mordor. Shadow of Mordor is a Lord of the Rings game that looks like it feels and plays just like Assassin’s Creed, only it’s set in Middle Earth. Troy Baker voices the protagonist/player, while Nolan North voices the antagonist, The Black Hand. That sounds completely backwards to me, and I would’ve already played the game if the roles were reversed. Either way, I’m sure it’s a fun play, so maybe you should pick it up. Some DLC was released recently that unlocks a player skin of The Black Hand, but I highly doubt there’s any Nolan North voice integration to go with that. If anyone can confirm/deny this, my attempts have been fruitless, so I’d appreciate a heads-up.

Moving on to LittleBigPlanet 3, there were several articles shortly before its release stating that Nolan North would be voicing a character in the game. Now that the game is out (except in Japan, where it releases soon, on December 4), I’ve been hearing that he voices someone named Marlon Random, but that requires more confirmation before I say it with confidence.

In Tales from the Borderlands, Nolan North voices a character named August. The game will be episodic release, but episode 1 is already out. Unfortunately, it seems Troy Baker voices the protagonist yet again, and Nolan North is not a player character.

Also, as an aside: honestly, why do people still complain about Nolan North voicing “everyone” with Troy Baker around now? I tallied it up once, and Troy Baker has already beaten Nolan North in terms of how many protagonists he’s voiced – and just over the course of about two years! It took Nolan North from 2007-2011 to rack up fewer games than Troy Baker has now, and the vast majority of them weren’t these AAA franchise titles like the ones Troy Baker has been voicing the protagonists in… Nothing against Troy Baker, but people seriously need to stop ragging on Nolan. It’s just inapplicable these days, and it actually has been for a few years.

(Thanks to Peter Saenz for sending in the image and giving a heads-up!)

Moving on, here’s a little thing that personally very much excited me. Nolan North voiced Werewolf by Night in an episode of Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., and – at long last – I finally got to hear him say the word “werewolf.” I’m very happy to announce he pronounces it properly instead of mucking it up, like some people do. Nolan North makes the best werewolf, you know. Not that he doesn’t make the best everything, but… man, he’s such an awesome werewolf. Unfortunately, I think he has a grand high total of about four lines in the entire episode, but maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll return later for a larger role sometime.

Here’s something super fun. Nolan North has his own series of fun little videos on various audio-related subjects, over at Turtle Beach’s YouTube page. I don’t know about you, but that’s certainly enough to warrant me giving them a subscription. Be sure to go and check them out!

Although I’m sure there’s a lot more I could/should talk about, I think that’s quite a bit of news covered in one far too large post. Again, I’d like to apologize to everyone for my lack of updates for such a long time period. I’m at a very busy point in my life, but I’m going to do my best to keep updates as regular as possible, especially with the upcoming promotional campaign of Uncharted 4.

A very heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s still sticking with me in spite of how quiet I was for a while there, and thanks to everyone who has contacted me with news and information. Remember you can always e-mail me (contact info on the About page) or reach me on Twitter (@NolanNorthFan) with important news updates you think I should know about or any questions you think I can answer. I’ll be checking both regularly from now on. I’ll try to get some Filmography updates posted over Christmas break. See you next time!

Jul 30

Nolan North as Rocket Raccoon in Disney Infinity

Nolan North will be voicing Rocket Raccoon (or just “Rocket” as they like to refer to him today) in the upcoming Marvel Super Heroes expansion(s) to Disney Infinity. Have a listen in the latest trailer:

Jul 04

Back from Hiatus: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Deadpool Pinball, and Shadow of Mordor

My deepest apologies for the long hiatus, but I’m back! I haven’t forgotten about this place, and I’m still a huge fan of Nolan North, so let’s get to it.

First up, the reason why I even bothered to watch E3 this year – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Up next: Deadpool Pinball!

And lastly, we now know who’s voicing the antagonist in the upcoming game Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and it’s none other than Nolan. I’d much prefer him voicing the protagonist rather than the antagonist, but hey, nothing is perfect.

I’ll be updating the filmography very soon to add the new titles that Nolan has been in recently, including Titanfall. More updates soon!

Dec 15

Saints Row IV DLC: How the Saints Save Christmas & Young Justice: Legacy

I’m a little slow on the pickup thanks to a dead computer and this semester’s finals – but, very late, here’s my update about yet another awesome Saints Row IV DLC and Young Justice: Legacy…

How the Saints Save Christmas! Yes, it’s only 3 missions for $6.99, but frankly, it’s worth it. It’s a super fun little set of DLC with some great jokes, fun missions, and plenty of awesome new lines by Nolan North, as well as various great references, Easter eggs, and psychic objective boxes. If you were smart enough to buy a Saints Row IV Season Pass (I wasn’t), then you already got this for free and just have to go download it.

I’m very glad SR4 DLC keeps cropping up, even if I wish the missions were all longer! I love the original game, and so far none of the DLC has let me down, either. Can’t wait for the next pack to come out, but in the meantime, be sure to get How the Saints Save Christmas so you can help the Boss find his holiday spirit and save Santa!

Also, Young Justice – that show we all loved and now miss, or at least I certainly do – lives on for a little while longer in the video game Young Justice: Legacy!

Young Justice: Legacy is a co-op enabled hack-n-slash (or “action RPG,” as they’re called these days) for the PS3, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo 3DS. It features Superboy as a playable character, and frankly that’s enough to sell it to me. It’s now available, so be sure to pick up a copy and take comfort in the fact that we get one last taste of YJ! Maybe if we’re lucky, the studio will take pity on us and continue the show…

Nov 18

Custom Nolan North soundsets for Baldur’s Gate & Icewind Dale

At long last, I’ve uploaded my own custom-made soundsets for the Infinity Engine games! These soundsets will work with Baldur’s Gate 1/Baldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn/Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, both of the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Editions (BG1 and 2), and Baldur’s Gate Tutu. The Icewind Dale soundsets will work for both Icewind Dale 1 and Icewind Dale 2.

The only glaring issue with the great Infinity Engine games is that they lack Nolan North – especially the Baldur’s Gate series, which, if you ask me, are the best games ever made alongside Uncharted. These soundsets will fix that issue and make the BG series 100% perfect.

I custom-made these soundsets over the course of many months, just for my own use and entertainment. It’s taken me far too long to actually upload these somewhere. I created them from various sources, including extracted (and occasionally just recorded) soundfiles from Prince of Persia (2008), Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. They’re still not wholly completed, but I am constantly trying to improve them, so check back for updates!

Installation instructions, as well as guides to all of the lines included in the soundset, are included in the downloads. Both of the soundsets can be found at the new Game Mods page, where I will host all of my custom video game mods related to Nolan North.

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