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Dec 02

Catching up: Gordon Hunt Documentary, Uncharted 4, Shadow of Mordor, LittleBigPlanet 3, and more

Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone! I could list some excuses, but I have a lot of catching up to do, so let’s get started. First up: The Gordon Hunt Documentary Project, or Walking in the Footsteps of Giants, is a documentary film about director Gordon Hunt, whom fellow Nolan North fans may know …

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Jun 21

Site under (re)construction & catching up on some news

Sorry for the long downtime! The server hosting the site crashed, so the files had to be recovered and the site rebuilt. I’m still in the process of fixing the theme back to the way it was. Some of the colors are still off and various other issues, but those should be fixed soon enough. …

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Apr 08

Nolan North on ‘Up at Noon’ with IGN’s Greg Miller

Not much to say except that it’s awesome. Watch it or you’re missing out! Nolan comes in around 4:40. Sad that there’s no Uncharted 4 news, though. Very sad. Here’s hoping. Also, Young Justice being canceled really thwarted my looking forward to Saturday mornings… gee, thanks, DC. Now I have no morning cartoons. How wrong …

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Apr 05

Nolan North on IGN News, ‘Up at Noon’ on Monday

Nolan North dropped by IGN this weekend to be interviewed for Up at Noon with Greg Miller, and while he was there, apparently they got him to do a IGN news segment as well. In the video, Nolan (very charismatically, of course) details Call of Duty Black Ops II’s latest DLC. On Monday, the Up …

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Mar 12

‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Battle Arena video

Here’s a very entertaining – and all too brief – video of Nolan North and friends (Fred Tatasciore and Brian Bloom) “debating” (but not really) who would win in two fights: Aquaman vs. Green Lantern and Superman vs. Green Arrow. I agree with Nolan both times, especially the latter. A guy with a bow against …

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Jul 13

New trailer for ‘I Know That Voice’ documentary

Nolan North is now officially in the documentary ‘I Know That Voice,’ produced by John DiMaggio, alongside countless other great voice actors! He is featured in the latest trailer, which is embedded above. As a huge fan of many voice actors since my childhood, I recognize almost everyone in this documentary. I can’t wait to …

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Apr 28

Nolan North on Rob Paulsen’s Talkin’ Toons & Young Justice season 2 begins tomorrow

The latest episode in Rob Paulsen’s podcast Talkin’ Toons is now available! In it, he interviews Nolan North for about an hour and a half – and every second is well worth listening to! The interview can be found here on his site, (or here, to be more specific; it’s also available for free …

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Apr 23

Nolan North will be on Rob Paulsen’s podcast “Talkin’ Toons” this Friday; Links section updated

This Friday, voice actor Rob Paulsen (who is fantastic, by the way) will interview Nolan North on his podcast Talkin’ Toons. Rob Paulsen’s site can be found here ( I highly recommend you take a look at his interviews with other voice actors and actresses – all of them are well worth a listen. I …

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Dec 14

“Northern Exposure” Nolan North interview by GiantBomb

This is a great interview with Nolan North by GiantBomb[.com, of course]. They discuss lots of very interesting things, particularly Drake’s Journal, and there are lots of hilarious jokes flying around. My favorite one involved how Nolan North can deflect bullets and break peoples’ necks (it’s true!). It’s almost 40 minutes long, but it’s well …

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Dec 08

IGN Interview with Nolan North – “Nathan Drake Impersonates Mario, Kratos & More”

This is a fantastic interview by IGN! Nolan North excellently demonstrates various reasons why he’s so awesome in this video. He mimics the voices of Mario, Kratos, and more; plus we hear more of his great Christopher Walken impression and what it would sound like if Nate told Sully, “It belongs in a museum!” I’d …

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