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Nov 18

Custom Nolan North soundsets for Baldur’s Gate & Icewind Dale

At long last, I’ve uploaded my own custom-made soundsets for the Infinity Engine games! These soundsets will work with Baldur’s Gate 1/Baldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn/Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, both of the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Editions (BG1 and 2), and Baldur’s Gate Tutu. The Icewind …

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Jun 21

Site under (re)construction & catching up on some news

Sorry for the long downtime! The server hosting the site crashed, so the files had to be recovered and the site rebuilt. I’m still in the process of fixing the theme back to the way it was. Some of the colors are still off and various other issues, but those should be fixed soon enough. …

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Nov 01

Happy birthday to Nolan North & Uncharted 3 – Announcements from Naughty Dog!

Happy (late) Halloween, everyone – and happy (late) birthday to our favorite actor, Nolan North! Yesterday was Nolan’s birthday, and today is Uncharted 3’s first birthday. I still remember waiting for midnight last year so I could pick up a copy, and all the awesome things Naughty Dog did (and the awesome thing Arne did …

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Apr 23

Nolan North will be on Rob Paulsen’s podcast “Talkin’ Toons” this Friday; Links section updated

This Friday, voice actor Rob Paulsen (who is fantastic, by the way) will interview Nolan North on his podcast Talkin’ Toons. Rob Paulsen’s site can be found here ( I highly recommend you take a look at his interviews with other voice actors and actresses – all of them are well worth a listen. I …

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Jan 11

Back from vacation; updates will resume

Sorry about the lack of updates, everyone! I’ve been away for Christmas, New Years, and my brother’s birthday, and I’ve been unable to access the internet. I’ll resume updating the site once more. Right now I’m working on a couple of things, since there isn’t a whole lot of news flying about lately. A few …

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Nov 06

UNCHARTED 2 Heroes & Villains custom LEGO minifigs!

At long last, I’ve finished my custom LEGO minifigs from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves! I made Nate, Chloe, and Elena, and my brother Justin “Saber-Scorpion” made the villains (Lazarevic, Flynn, and Tetram/gas mask villain – he also made Chloe and Elena’s face decals, although I did all the other hero decals, including Nate’s face). You …

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Oct 12

UNCHARTED 3 has officially gone gold & sorry for the lack of updates…

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has officially gone gold! Details here at Naughty Dog’s site. Also, I’d like to formally apologize for my huge lack of updates lately. College and other work has been devouring all of my free time. There’s a lot I should post here… reviews for the latest Young Justice episodes and how …

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Aug 17

(UPDATED) Uncharted 3 Gamescom gameplay video, Nolan North voicing ‘The Penguin,’ NolanNorthFan server trouble, & Golden Abyss trailer

First off: sorry for the lack of updates lately. We’ve been having a lot of trouble with our dedicated server, and the site keeps going up and down. Things seem to be resolved for the time being, though, thankfully. So now it’s time to catch up on news! Yesterday, Sony had a live stream of …

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Jul 14

Uncharted 3 beta ends soon & a small Filmography update

Naughty Dog has posted another blog update regarding the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta. Your beta stats are now available on the site (although, admittedly, I can’t get mine to work very well yet), and an updated end date for the beta has been posted. The Uncharted 3 beta will end July 15th at 9 AM …

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Jul 09

Uncharted 3 at Comic-Con, a picture from Emily Rose, & new fan-art

A schedule for Friday, July 22 of the San Diego Comic-Con this year has been released, and featured on the list is a panel that will be about Naughty Dog’s amazing motion capture techniques. Nolan North will appear at the panel alongside Emily Rose (Elena Fisher) and Richard McGonagle (Victor Sullivan), and creative director Amy …

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