Dec 15

Saints Row IV DLC: How the Saints Save Christmas & Young Justice: Legacy

I’m a little slow on the pickup thanks to a dead computer and this semester’s finals – but, very late, here’s my update about yet another awesome Saints Row IV DLC and Young Justice: Legacy…

How the Saints Save Christmas! Yes, it’s only 3 missions for $6.99, but frankly, it’s worth it. It’s a super fun little set of DLC with some great jokes, fun missions, and plenty of awesome new lines by Nolan North, as well as various great references, Easter eggs, and psychic objective boxes. If you were smart enough to buy a Saints Row IV Season Pass (I wasn’t), then you already got this for free and just have to go download it.

I’m very glad SR4 DLC keeps cropping up, even if I wish the missions were all longer! I love the original game, and so far none of the DLC has let me down, either. Can’t wait for the next pack to come out, but in the meantime, be sure to get How the Saints Save Christmas so you can help the Boss find his holiday spirit and save Santa!

Also, Young Justice – that show we all loved and now miss, or at least I certainly do – lives on for a little while longer in the video game Young Justice: Legacy!

Young Justice: Legacy is a co-op enabled hack-n-slash (or “action RPG,” as they’re called these days) for the PS3, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo 3DS. It features Superboy as a playable character, and frankly that’s enough to sell it to me. It’s now available, so be sure to pick up a copy and take comfort in the fact that we get one last taste of YJ! Maybe if we’re lucky, the studio will take pity on us and continue the show…