Dec 07

15 minutes of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gameplay in full HD

You can read Naughty Dog’s post about the PlayStation Experience event here.

This looks amazing. I knew it would. However, the “little brother” thing at the end disturbs me somewhat. I am so very, extremely glad that Nate has at least a few in-game combat quips again. I missed those so much in Uncharted 3… though I wish he would go back to his old Drake’s Fortune and Among Thieves quipping.

Either way, my only complaint with this entire video is that Nate still doesn’t look quite right to me. He looks slightly better than he did before, at least, but he still doesn’t really look like Nate… and his build is just wrong. I hate the way Naughty Dog has it in their head that video game characters have to age. Video game characters are timeless – that’s one of their biggest perks.

Anyway, as I mentioned, the “little brother” comment actually bothers me some, if he really means “brother.” I hope this story isn’t too much about Nate’s family – or lack thereof – as I like him being the orphan hero related to Sir Francis Drake. I guess we’ll all just have to hold out until Naughty Dog sees fit to release more story information for any of that.