Jan 14

Uncharted 4 Headlining Gameinformer – New info, art, and brief video

Sorry for the lack of updates! We were having a bit of server trouble. But there are always excuses.

Anyway, GameInformer has lots of juicy info on Uncharted 4, including a very nice cover for the magazine. You can find the Game Informer article about Uncharted 4 here. They’ve been posting info throughout the month (and they are continuously updating), so be sure to check it all out.

Thankfully, NeoGAF users have already summarized the article. So, thanks, guys! Here’s some of the highlights:

– Porting TLOU to PS4 helped Uncharted 4 development
– Small team working on it since U3 development ended, half the team moved to U4 after TLOU and the rest after Left Behind
– Takes places 3 years after U3
– At the start of U4 Drake is living an happy life with Elena, then Sam appears
– Drake thought Sam was dead
– Sam life depends on him finding an artifact from Henry Avery
– Drake feels indebted of his brother and he can’t resist getting back on treasure hunting
– Story takes Drake and Sam to Libertalia “a mythic Madagascar colony purportedly founded by pirates”
– Says you’re not going to spend the whole game on the island, teases snowy and urban enviroments
– Two rival hunters, Rafe and Nadine
– Rafe is a very different treasure hunter than Drake, with different morale and approach
– Nadine owns a private military company in South Africa
– Villains will play a bigger role this time
– “The lack of Sam being in Nathan life for so long is what’s driven him in the last games”
– Sam is five years older than Drake
– Teases Elena and Sully
– Sam is even more reckless than Drake
– Sam is jealous of Drake, sees him as the ‘better at everything little brother’
– Lots of rivalry between them
– ND didn’t want to talk about Drake and Sam past
– Artifacts (collectibles) may contain notes poiting to more treasures/artifacts
– Enemies can grab your leg if you try to push them over ledges
– More tools besides Rope and Piton (metal spike)
– They’re not ready to talk about them yet
– Wants to incorporate the tools into puzzles
– GI saw an extended demo with a new scene. Drake is beaten down while Sam is rested, they start arguing the existance of Avery secret, then something catches Drake’s eye, he moves forward, pull some foliage, revealing a gray monument with a carving.
– Focusing on navigational freedom for this entry
– Showed multiple paths, one finding an extra cave, other bypassing a group of enemies
– Plenty of side stories if you’re looking for them
– In the demo they showed Drake taking a more riskier climbing route, that almost makes him fall in the sea
– All paths have consequences, there’s no “Golden path”
– Rehauled A.I system
– Compared Sam A.I to Ellie, but says Sam is a grown up treasure hunter, so he’s much stronger than Ellie
– Trying to “explore what it’s like to be with somebody as capable of Nathan Drake”
– Not giving a straight answer if this is Drake last adventure
– Still plenty of humour in the game
– Concept of set piece is “What’s something impactful that we can do to switch expectations and how can we have it emotionally charged?”