Nov 16

“UNCHARTED” announced for PS4!

Last night, a small teaser trailer was released for Uncharted, a PS4 title by Naughty Dog! While I was literally in panic last night that Nate is nowhere to be seen or heard in the trailer, given that ND is still in charge, I’m sure I don’t really have anything to worry about.

I stayed up all night last night speculating and trying to figure out what all is going on in this trailer… turns out other people were beating me to the punch, but it was still fun. So far the speculations are still going wild, but the teaser at least indicates that the game will have something to do with Madagascar, and mentions Henry Every by name… so, suffice to say, there’s a pirate theme again. I am okay with this.

I’ll hold out with any further comments until we see a more substantial trailer. I don’t think I need to mention how excited I am – this is the one announcement I was waiting for ever since I finished Uncharted 3 in less than a day (I use up the things I enjoy way too fast)! I’m so very glad that Naughty Dog is continuing the Uncharted franchise, and that Uncharted wasn’t farmed out to another company. Now all we have to do is wait for the VGAs this year and, hopefully, we’ll get to see a little more of whatever ND has in store for us!

Oct 25

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes & Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix released

Two new games were released recently! LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, another addition to the incredibly fun LEGO game franchise, and some Saints Row IV DLC entitled Enter the Dominatrix.

In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – which, sadly, I have yet to acquire, so I cannot provide a full list of credits at this time – Nolan will be voicing at least Deadpool, Cyclops, and Magneto. Deadpool even narrates the side-missions/side-quests in the game! Plus, all of the LEGO games are really enjoyable. Definitely a must-have.

As for Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix, I purchased that last night, and I don’t think I could possibly be enjoying it more. It has the frame story of an interview with the main characters of the game, and occasionally they offer a commentary on the hilarious DLC missions. I highly recommend purchasing this fun little DLC pack (it costs $6.99).

Sep 17

‘UNCHARTED 4’ for PS4 listed on GameStop Germany!

UNCHARTED 4 is listed as a PS4 title on German GameStop! This is all rumors and speculation, of course, as no official announcement has been made (and almost certainly will not be made until the VGAs in December), but this gives me hope. I already had an overabundance of hope, which everyone was always telling me to try and lessen a little bit in case of crushing disappointment, but now those hopes are renewed. I can’t even say how much I hope this is true (although I seriously hope it’s still Naughty Dog making it – it almost certainly is, but still). I can’t help but have a few little worries leak into my mind… mostly, I really hope they don’t change Nate’s model at all like they did when Uncharted 3 was first releasing, and I hope they bring Nate’s quips back.

But now is not the time for a fangirl’s worries! This is amazing! December can’t get here fast enough! Uncharted is honestly my favorite thing in the entire world, and I was having a hard time bracing myself for the disappointment if we didn’t get Uncharted 4 on the PS4. I know it’s not confirmed, but I can’t help all these feels.


Aug 31

Saints Row IV: Go Buy It Right Now

There’s no question what my Game of the Year is: it’s Saints Row IV. There are countless reasons why this game is honestly great, but I won’t deny that I never would’ve played it if it wasn’t for Nolan North being an option for the player character’s voice. To top it off, he isn’t just voicing a generic, unnamed protagonist – when you choose that voice, you are President Nolan North. This game is an absolute must-have for all Nolan North fans, especially those of you who – like me – love hearing him do any voice, but are seriously aching to hear him use his ordinary speaking voice in a great role again.

I wish I had more time to go on and on about all the reasons why Saints Row IV is so great, but unfortunately, I’ve returned to college now, and this semester is lining up to be a hectic one. Sometime, though, I’d love to tell you all the countless reasons why you should go buy Saints Row IV right now.

Here’s one of many reasons, without going into anything about the story, characters, incredibly fun gameplay, seamless two-player co-op, and the amazing voice work (Nolan himself especially shines in this game, but I expected nothing less)…

So that’s the brief version – maybe someday I can sit down and write a full review, which I’d really love to do. The point is, though, go buy Saints Row IV right now and enjoy playing a great game – it’s worth every buck!

I seriously hope that Nolan North reprises his role as himself in the inevitable Saints Row V. If he doesn’t, let’s just say I’m going to be very upset.

Jul 13

‘Saints Row 4’ to feature Nolan North as protagonist voice option… playing himself!

I’m a little slow on the uptake for this particular bit of news, but it certainly came as a surprise to me when I heard it. In the upcoming installment of the Saints Row series, which is to be released this August, a Nolan North voice set will be available for your customizable player character. What’s more, however, is that he isn’t just voicing anyone – he’s voicing himself! In other words, pick this voice and – apparently – you’ll be playing as President Nolan North. With superpowers, or something.

I’ve never really played the Saints Row series, but I’ve heard good things about its insanity, and this is definitely the one way to get me to try it out. I’ll definitely be buying Saints Row 4 just for this! The fact that this promises self-referencing only makes it that much better. I’ll be ashamed of myself if I don’t get all the jokes.


Jun 26

Deadpool release today!

Deadpool released today! I’ve already acquired my copy, and I’m just about to fire it up! I’m sure it’s gonna be fantastic. Be sure to go out and it, or else Deadpool might want to have a word – and possibly something worse – with you. If you don’t want to pick up a physical copy, it’s also available on PSN. It’s probably available online over the Xbox, too, but I don’t mess with my 360 much anymore.

Also, I’m still working on resolving a few of the site colors. Sorry for the unsightly splotches of blue in the green color scheme.

Jun 21

Site under (re)construction & catching up on some news

Sorry for the long downtime! The server hosting the site crashed, so the files had to be recovered and the site rebuilt. I’m still in the process of fixing the theme back to the way it was. Some of the colors are still off and various other issues, but those should be fixed soon enough. In the meantime, I apologize for the hideousness of the site! I’m working on getting things back to normal as soon as possible.

Here’s a small rundown of a few things that happened during the site’s downtime:

Firstly, Nolan North appeared on IGN’s Up at Noon again! He mostly talked about Deadpool this time. It was a great interview with a few surprises (or, well, not so much “surprises” as “pulling the same joke again” on the part of Greg Miller) and lots of fun jokes.

Remember: Deadpool releases this coming Tuesday (June 25)! Be sure to pre-order your copy, or else get ready to rush to the store and pick it up! It’s almost definitely going to be my GOTY. I can see that already.

Secondly, Naughty Dog released The Last of Us this past Friday, and as it turns out, Nolan North was discreetly given a role in the game. Given the kind of game it is, don’t expect him to be playing anyone halfway decent, of course. In this world, pretty much everyone is a wad of scum in at least some way or another. I haven’t played the game myself, nor have I had internet decent enough to watch videos of his character, but everyone says Nolan is hard to recognize. I’ll post a few updates to the Filmography, or at least enough to reveal who his character is, for those curious. For the rest of you, I won’t spoil it here.

Thanks again for your patience, and hopefully the site will return to normal very soon!

Apr 19

‘Deadpool’ to release June 25 in NA, June 28 EU

Deadpool now has a release date! North America is June 25th, Europe is June 28th. Also, a few vague pre-order bonuses were announced, but no screenshots/artwork yet, at least to my knowledge.

North American customers who pre-order the game from Amazon will be rewarded with a $5 Marvel comics voucher, while reserving a copy from Gamestop unlocks two new maps, costumes and a digital wallpaper.

New challenge maps include GRT Plaza and Inside the Tower, while costumes – which can be used in the game’s ‘Infinite mode’ – include Deadpool’s D-Pooly and Cable’s X-Force suit.


Apr 08

Nolan North on ‘Up at Noon’ with IGN’s Greg Miller

Not much to say except that it’s awesome. Watch it or you’re missing out! Nolan comes in around 4:40.

Sad that there’s no Uncharted 4 news, though. Very sad. Here’s hoping. Also, Young Justice being canceled really thwarted my looking forward to Saturday mornings… gee, thanks, DC. Now I have no morning cartoons. How wrong is that?

Apr 05

Nolan North on IGN News, ‘Up at Noon’ on Monday

Nolan North dropped by IGN this weekend to be interviewed for Up at Noon with Greg Miller, and while he was there, apparently they got him to do a IGN news segment as well. In the video, Nolan (very charismatically, of course) details Call of Duty Black Ops II’s latest DLC.

On Monday, the Up at Noon episode with Nolan North will be posted. Stay tuned!

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