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Dec 15

Saints Row IV DLC: How the Saints Save Christmas & Young Justice: Legacy

I’m a little slow on the pickup thanks to a dead computer and this semester’s finals – but, very late, here’s my update about yet another awesome Saints Row IV DLC and Young Justice: Legacy… How the Saints Save Christmas! Yes, it’s only 3 missions for $6.99, but frankly, it’s worth it. It’s a super …

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Apr 28

Nolan North on Rob Paulsen’s Talkin’ Toons & Young Justice season 2 begins tomorrow

The latest episode in Rob Paulsen’s podcast Talkin’ Toons is now available! In it, he interviews Nolan North for about an hour and a half – and every second is well worth listening to! The interview can be found here on his site, RobPaulsenLive.com (or here, to be more specific; it’s also available for free …

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Sep 27

Young Justice ‘Terrors’ mini-review & recap

Wow, it feels great to finally get to do another mini-review of a Young Justice episode! What a long hiatus… I skipped over the previous episode, ‘Targets,’ because frankly I didn’t have time to review it. There was hardly any Superboy to be seen in it anyway, so no great loss. It was an enjoyable …

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May 04

Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1 DVD, PSN news

There are still no new Young Justice episodes anywhere in the foreseeable future, it seems, but the show’s first DVD package was just announced. As you probably already know, Nolan North voices Superboy, one of the main characters; he also voices Superman, Zatara, and many other additional characters. Here are the DVD details… Young Justice …

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Apr 06

No new Young Justice episode this week, either

Well, this is frustrating. Apparently there will be no new Young Justice episode this coming Friday (April 8th) either. Sorry for posting misinformation; I thought it had been confirmed, but apparently not. They’re re-running ‘Welcome to Happy Harbor’ (Episode 3). What’s taking them so long, I have no idea. I’m sure there’s a perfectly valid …

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Mar 20

Next new Young Justice episode April 8

Young Justice re-runs all around! Last week was a re-run, this week will be a re-run, and next week will also be a re-run. The next new Young Justice episode will air on April 8, according to what I’ve heard. No news yet about what exactly the story is or anything like that. Otherwise… not …

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Mar 13

Uncharted 3 Outtakes & Young Justice ‘Bereft’

A personal little dream of mine has partially come true. At PAX East 2011, a video of Nolan North (Nate, of course) and Richard McGonagle (Sully) recording the voice over for the chateau Uncharted 3 level was shown… including all the outtakes. I’ve always wanted to see and/or hear some outtakes of the Uncharted games, …

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Mar 01

GDC, new Young Justice episodes, new Assassin’s Creed to be announced in May

There hasn’t been much to talk about lately, I’m afraid… and what with how busy I’ve been lately, I haven’t had the time I’ve wanted to write guides, work on some more Uncharted LEGO figures, and work on the appearance of the site. But here are a few little things to talk (and speculate) about… …

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Feb 20

(Late) Young Justice Episode 7 ‘Denial’ mini-review & recap

This week’s Young Justice episode (episode 7) was called ‘Denial.’ It got its name from Wally/Kid Flash’s denial of the existence of magic, which persists throughout the episode. One must wonder on what grounds a superhero can deny magic, but hey, whatever. At least this week’s episode was better than last week’s (Infiltrator). It still …

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Feb 12

Young Justice Episode 6 ‘Infiltrator’ mini-review & recap

Well, this week’s Young Justice episode, ‘Infiltrator,’ sorely disappointed me… primarily due to the fact that Superboy had a grand high total of two actual lines throughout the whole episode. It was cool the way he totaled the Shadows agent, even if he did get shot down the first time, but that’s the only thing …

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